I’ve Got That

                    I’ve Got That

                     Are You Seriously, Serious?

              By Bruce McClure, PhD, LCPC, NCC


How many times over the past few years have you attended events such as reunions, classes and other social outings where couples are asked, “How Many Years Have You Been Married?”  Sometimes prizes are even given to couples that have been married the longest and also to the couple most recently wedded.  In a gathering of ten couples, can you look around the room and with ease decide which couple has mastered the art of marriage?

It is not unusual for me to sit in on gatherings without revealing my profession as a professional clinical counselor and listen to the many statements made regarding how marriage has been perfected.  Old and young alike quietly and sometimes loudly proclaim, “I Got That”.  Maybe it is my presumption but such a declaration suggests that marriage has been mastered.  My only response is, “Are You Seriously Serious?”  During our 2012 Couples Seminar each couple will have an opportunity to reflect on the number of years they have been married while also discovering the many victories and obstacles that have been overcome and hopefully come to the realization that many opportunities for growth lie ahead.

If longevity equals perfection why are marriages falling apart after couples retire after 30 to 40 years of work?  Why do couples divorce due to infidelity when both individuals tease and promise one another nothing but sexual bliss once they are married all the while exclaiming, “I’ve Got That.”  Are you seriously, serious?  You may be pleasantly surprised to learn that a majority of couples go into marriage believing they have everything under control and are seriously, serious about being successful as husbands and wives.  Journey with couples from all over the east coast as each marriage becomes a real life “Reality Show” with every couple in attendance as the surprise guests.

If you have attended prior seminars forget about them.  If you have never attended you are in for the experience of a lifetime.  Never before in over 20 years of Marriage Seminars have anything happened like this upcoming experience.  Every attendee will be The Guest Speaker with a message worth sharing.  Save the dates of September 30th through October 2, 2011 and come expecting nothing but a blessing.  As always, children are NOT WELCOME.


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