Counseling people is one of the most rewarding crafts in the world.  Prior to the Enlightenment Era, individuals depended upon interactions with people who were skilled in the usage of rhetoric or words to ease the cognitive allusions that presented themselves due to day to day life stressors.  The soul healers were know as philosopher’s which included individuals such as Socrates, Plato, Euripides, Aristotle and the like.  All of these were men strong in the art of reason and logic that was capable of challenging the very source of a persons conclusions about how they felt about life, relationships, and even God.  In the Christian world one of the most renowned yet unnoticed “Counselors” was the Apostle Paul.  It the New Testament book of Acts 17, Paul goes to what was the very seat of Greek Counselors and begin reasoning with them with such conviction and logic that some wanted to schedule additional sessions while others concluded he had nothing more to offer.

Counseling today requires preparation, conviction and a desire to help others live the most fulfilled life possible.  Counseling also demands that the counselor is able to accept the foregoing conclusion that not everyone will embrace the opportunity for change.

Have you resisted good counsel lately?


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