The Psychology of Traveling

We just returned earlier today from a lovely 7 day cruise on RCCL’s Oasis of The Sea.  Without a doubt the ship is the largest vessel I have ever been aboard.  Although a large ship by any measure, the onboard staff provided services that were almost flawless.  The Customer Service Desk has some of the most professional and poised people assisting individuals through very difficult moments such as losing eye glasses as my wife did or offering a complimentary meal to us because of incorrect information given by their home office that was corrected once we were at sea.

The psychology behind a great vacation is found in the screening of employees to maximum their skills and abilities in the proper environment.  Imagine having people working RCCL’s Customer Service Desk who have very little people skills or expert knowledge about a very diverse listing of critical needs of potentially 6,000 passengers.  There was also something interesting I observed even in riding in taxis over the past week.  It was very clear to me when a taxi driver was not a people oriented person.  One driver would probably have driven us who knows where unless we had said “take us to such and such place”.   Not one word was spoken when the taxi picked us up and it was honestly almost as if we ruined his day by having a fare that was not what he had in mind or it was too short of a distance for him to make a lot of money.  Not once were we asked where we were from or what brought us to his city or if this was our first time being there or how did we like the weather or what did we think of his city.  Honestly I felt like we were the ones trying to make our taxi driver feel welcome in his own car.  Have you ever experienced anything similar to this?  What suggestions would you give to taxi companies about the psychology of customer service?  What is the screening procedure used by your work group to insure that people are indeed being used where they are not only knowledgeable but also equipped to compliment their work environment?


2 Responses

  1. I do not help with hiring at our company, but when we travel I have found that we tip drivers extremely better when they are attentive, informative, and seem to be happy we are visiting their home.
    In my dealing with clients at work. I have found that I can change and/or affect the way the appointment goes just by my attitude.
    You can make or break someone’s vacation day by your attitude. Positive employees have the potential to make your company more money and/or come back.
    Nice blog Doc!

  2. I couldn’t resist commenting. Very well written!

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