Aging Adults

Late night television is flooded with advertisements promising to make aging skin feel and look like that of a 25 year old.  Radio and online ad’s promise to restore sexual vitality to aging men as when they were in their 20’s and 30’s.  Imagine a sneaker that will make a 60 or 70 year old run faster and walk much further than they every did in their lifetime.

•The CDC in a report released in 2005 found that 15% of all the new cases of HIV/AIDS reported was in the population age 50 and older. Older people see condoms as a tool to prevent pregnancy only. Older people are not “suspected” to be engaging in sexual intercourse in senior citizen outings, senior citizen communities, senior citizen homes, and senior citizen church functions.

•Contrary to popular beliefs, senility is not an epidemic disease destined to impact people as they get older.  Only about 2 to 3% of all people over age 65 experience senility.  Long-term memory loss is only found in about 20% of people over the age of 65.  Contrary to popular beliefs, sexual intimacy does not cease to exist in people over 50.  Masters and Johnson in a study conducted in 1996 found that healthy couples continued to enjoy sexual intimacy into their 70’s and 80’s.  A similar longitudinal study with similar findings was done by Duke University in 1974.(Palmore)  The majority of aging individuals remain just as happy in old age as they were when younger.  The joy, contentment, morale, life satisfaction experienced prior to age 50, becomes more evident due to as people age, it is not unusual for them to spend more time in a more narrowly focused circle thus allowing others to really begin to see how happy or not happy with life the aging person really has been most of their life.
Mayo Clinic’s Plan For Healthy Aging  recommends the below practices to enhance the quality of life as a person ages.
Find happiness and vitality as you age

Aging is inevitable, but aging doesn’t have to mean “growing old” with increasing health issues and problems. 

With motivation, energy and knowledge, you can enjoy a future that is fulfilling, invigorating and best of all — healthy! 

 Mayo Clinic Plan  for Healthy Aging can help put you on the path to remaining strong and fit at any age. Designed by a group of more than 20 Mayo Clinic physicians and health care professionals, this book is a blueprint for the rest of your life, with keys to remaining active, energetic and disease-free …

  • Mayo Clinic’s simple recipe for longevity is someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to. If any of these ingredients are missing, The Mayo Clinic Plan for Healthy Aging will help you find them.
  • You can keep your senses razor sharp at any age. The Mayo Clinic Plan for Healthy Aging offers practical tips for keen eyesight, hearing, taste and smell.
  • An older person with high cardiovascular fitness is healthier than a younger person who is physically inactive. By increasing your fitness level, you can actually roll back your biological clock.
  • Eating right does more than help shed extra pounds. It promotes strong bones and muscles, beautiful hair and skin, even a good night’s sleep.
  • Trading your remote control for a pair of walking shoes cuts your risk of heart attack, diabetes, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, colon cancer and more.

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