Self Esteem

Advertisements suggests things like, “we are number 2 because you are number 1, or “there is no I in team, or “the customer is always right”.  The reality is that such thinking is not true.  People who spend their life on such a quest typically are those who have a misunderstanding of “Self Esteem”.  According to The Dictionary of Children’s Health, the way a child thinks and feels about self combined with how well they do things that are important to them is defined as self esteem.  Self Esteem may be healthy or it might be unhealthy.     Children who have a healthy cognition of self esteem are not as stressed, more optimistic about life, not as quick to be overly critical of themselves or others, nor do they see every problem as an armageddon.

Common problems

Numerous studies have linked low self-esteem to a wide range of problems, including poor school achievement, criminal and violent behavior; being the victim of bullying; teenage pregnancy; smoking and the use of alcohol and other drugs; dropping out of school; depression; and thoughts of suicide , suicide attempts, and suicide. Also, children and teens who have low self-esteem have more physical health problems than those with higher self-esteem.

Parental concerns

Every child and teen has low self-esteem at some time in his or her life. Criticism from parents or others can make children with low self-esteem feel worse. Children can also develop low self-esteem if parents or others press them to reach unrealistic goals. Parents should be concerned when a child’s low self-esteem interferes with his or her daily activities or causes depression. Some common signs of low-self esteem in children and teens are as follows:

  • feeling they must always please other people
  • general feelings of not liking themselves
  • feelings of unhappiness most of the time
  • feeling that their problems are not normal and that they to blame for their problems
  • needing constant validation or approval
  • not making friends easily or having no friends
  • needing to prove that they are better than others

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