Aren’t You Tired Of Hearing This: “PUT ON YOUR BIG BOY/GIRL $%^&

We live in a culture where fads come and go ranging from hair styles to clothing to in vogue paint colors.  The most recent fad that is sweeping the country is the phrase, “it’s time to put on your big boy or girl panties”.  When I first heard the phrase I wondered silently to myself why are so many people saying such a thing.  After deliberating for an extended amount of time and doing tireless research, I am certain that I have found the absolute answer to the popularity of the phrase.  By the way, all total it required less that 5 minutes to gather, assimilate and render my findings on the topic at hand.

First, I found that people rarely use this phrase when speaking to or about little children.  Second, I thought it was significant the frequency in which people utilized the phrase when referring to their assessment of other people’s thoughts, actions and attitudes about matters.  Finally, I found the vast majority of individuals using the phrase toward others, were shamelessly attired in “Big Boy or Big Girl Panties” but were conducting themselves as selfish little children and would have been better off wearing “Little Boy or Little Girl Panties”.  With what shall I compare this generation?  they are like children, playing in a market place, who cry to their friends.  We played the flute for you, but you did not dance.   We wailed, but you did not mourn.  Matthew 11:16-17  The afore text isn’t regarding children but adults who presented themselves as the authorities regarding other peoples thoughts, actions and attitudes.  These were the people who presented themselves as those capable of delivering others from the evils that engulfed them.

Sadly those “Big Boys and Big Girls” according to Jesus were the ones who should be learning a lesson from the “Little Boys and Little Girls”.  In that hour the disciples came to Jesus, asking, “Who is the greatest in heaven’s kingdom?”  He called a little child, and set him in their midst, and said, indeed, I assure you, that unless you turn and become as little children, you will never enter heaven’s kingdom.  Therefore, he who will humble himself as this little child is the greatest in heaven’s kingdom.  Matthew 18:1 – 5

My concluding findings can best be put in the form of a question:  Is it sometimes important for Big Boys and Big Girls to make sure they are first ready to change garments?


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