God “Fix My Life”

Last night I was watching a rerun entitled Iyana “Fix My Life” on the OWN Network.  One of the things that is consistent with Iyana is the constant redirection of people away from talking about what others have done, said, or withheld from their life and instead ask the greater question “what am I doing to fix my life instead of accusing and blaming others for where I am in life?”  Another consistent theme with Iyana is the challenge for people to look inside themselves for answers rather than searching for truth about problems by spending a lifetime trying to figure out others.  When was the last time you were honest with yourself about yourself?  When was the last time you cried out for God to strengthen you with the courage to look at yourself and maybe for the first time look at your life for what it is instead of what you are ashamed of about what it is?

In almost every show that Iyana air’s she notes that people spends a vast amount of time pointing up the things that others are doing to them.  People can only do to you what is allowed by you.  God is more than able to lead you into spending time with yourself being laid before him and asking him to remove from you a spirit that is causing you to destroy oneself emotionally.  When was the last time you asked God to fix your life from you keeping secrets about  your pain, your hurts, your disappointments?  God is able to fix secrets of sexual abuse, mistreatment by spouses, disappointments with betrayals in relationships and whatever is hurting us.  God is able to pierce through and examine and repair each down to the very marrow of our bones.  Hebrews 4:12

As I watched Iyana “Fix My Life”, every story was filled with so much pain, hurt, bitterness, fear, and unresolved inability to forgive others about what they have done to us.  People do things that hurt us and then we somehow think these same people are going to seek forgiveness for what they have done.  Forget about that ever happening for the most part.  For the most part the people who have harmed us have moved on with life without us.  Women that were molested by their fathers, children who were taken away from young mothers and given to other family members to raise, men that were abused sexually by females and males when they were younger cry out for Iyana to fix there life.   Imagine what can happen if God Fixes Your Life?  People can only facilitate healing partially.  God is able to bring complete and long term healing in life.  A major challenge for people is to trust God to do what others may have promised us like being there for us, providing us, protecting us and even loving us.  I am sorry to tell you that Iyana can’t repair those wounds the way God can.  God however is able to fix whatever is damaged, or broke, or lacking in our lives in a manner that makes us free indeed.



4 Responses

  1. Thank you for today’s blog. I most recently was able to start doing that very thing, stop blaming others especially those closest to me. Reliance on God wholeheartedly was difficult to do in the past, but life experience has taught me better. God is the source of all things good in my life!

  2. Funny a co-worker and I was just talking about her show.

  3. Interesting eye opener. Question: How does one realize that they are blaming those that hurt them or abandoned them for what happened as opposed to accepting that it happened and moving forward with their life now? How can one be taught to release and allow God to heal their heart and life and bring them into a peaceful place of happiness in their life now?

    • Great question. Allowing God in when one is hurt becomes a major barrier because the real internal person (also know as the spirit person) is also angry with God. What is often attempted by wounded and hurt individuals is to ignore the true focus of being wounded. One’s spirit is impacted by what it absorbs through the hearing of good or negative comments about self or others, what is seen in terms of nonverbal and overt behaviors toward self, how individuals disregarded one’s feeling and how one was touched in a positive nurturing manner to comfort or touched in a negative manner of being punched, kicked, beat, molested. These things are processed through the psyche or mind of individuals and then feeds the real person or their spirit. It is what is feed into a persons spirit that is ultimately put into action through the body parts like how one talks, the tenseness of the body, the things that are said about others, etc. That is what is meant by, “as a man thinks in his heart so is he. The spirit must be feed with wholesomeness very early in life and if not it can become resistant to good wholesome nurturing words, touch, nurturing, sights until it surrenders itself back to God who gave it in the first place. Imagine how difficult it becomes to trust what is wounded to anyone, even God. The silent unknown to most people in pain is that they are also angry with God and therefore struggle with fully trusting him and is more comfortable projecting the mistrust onto someone else in a physical body.

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