When Was The Last Time You Had Sex?

On job applications, college admission forms, childcare enrollment forms, drivers license applications, and even birth certificates all want to know your sex.  When was the last time you or anyone you know put information on any of the above mentioned documents information regarding sexual activity?  In order for adults to enjoy intimacy, proper knowledge about being a male or a female is a necessary pre-requirement.

Having sexual knowledge regarding who one is, begins with parental or care providers who can teach through proper modeling and nurturing real sexual values.  Having sexual knowledge requires parents/providers who know the difference between genders.  No matter what is popular or politically and socially correct, someone must teach little boys about the unique physical differences between their bodies and the bodies of females.  The “talk” that many parents or providers have with teens take place about 10 to 12 years too late.  Teaching a child about their unique physical sexual differences should begin age appropriately as early as age 1 to 2 years of old.  Teaching boys and girls to be respectful of their physical sexual organ differences should also be taught age appropriately from age 2 ongoing into young adulthood.   Appropriate sex gender dressing and mannerism is reinforced in the home, community, social settings, and school.  If however the home has not appropriately taught and modeled male and female norms, children may easily go into settings replicating whatever they observe, hear, and are taught by their peers and other adults.

Sex therefore is not something you do first, but more about who you are.  Sex acts that are attempted without a clear knowledge of who one is, creates a state of confusion and contention which becomes a political, social and in some circles even a religious topic of factions.  These contentions and factions are not uncommon in relationships as individuals move into young adulthood.  It has been said by some that two things people should not talk about is religion and politics.  Sex as a behavior use to be another topic that people didn’t advertise.  The new norm of 201o’s  seems to not only empower people to talk about sexual behaviors but also to lobby society and anyone else who will listen to vote their way on the topic.  The conclusion from this writer is simple, there is nothing to talk about except to keep repeating what God has said about sex gender.  Romans 1:22 – 28 is the conversation about sex that individuals should be having with young children, teens and even adults.


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