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Dr Bruce McClure is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, a National Certified Clinical Counselor who specializes in Marriage and Family, Vocational Assessments, Premarital Assessments, Behavioral Interventions and Professional and College Athlete Counseling.


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  1. I must state very clearly that our species is NOT biologically fit for monogamy. Monogamy is a response to the needs of the method of production called «agriculture» which didn’t become a reality but 10 thousand years ago, that is, less than 4% of the total time we have been on the planet as a species.

    Our natural habitat—the habitat in which we spontaneously appeared—did not require agriculture as a means of survival. We were small groups of people with a large brain, eating all day long, all kinds of plant food freely available all around our ancestors; this was necessary to keep our thinking machine properly fed and with enough calories to continue being efficient.

    If the statistics above mean anything, they are the most substantial proof of our lack of capacity to adapt to a way of relating among ourselves that is NOT compatible with our true human nature.

    Accepting our nature is NOT cynicism, but an effort to be honest in the search for a more adequate social life system than what we’re trying to fir ourselves into today.

    • Interesting reply. How does your wife and other females feel about your views?

      • Why do you only wonder about how the other females think about what I expressed? The system in which we are trying to live, requiring monogamy is NOT something designed by women, but entirely by MEN. It is to protect men from working too hard to support the children of other men. For women, any child that comes out of their womb is theirs and they would prefer ALL men—not only one—to be interested in the well being of the creature. Agriculture generated male exclusivity in helping HIS alleged children ONLY. Think about it.

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