Community Protection For Crime aka Emeshed Dysfunction
April 24, 2015

In towns, communities, neighborhoods, schools and homes throughout America, criminals feel safe from being caught, turned in and even being looked down upon by the citizens they see and talk with daily.  Imagine living somewhere knowing who the drug dealers are, who stole someones car, who broke into someones home, who mugged a child or adult just out for a walk, who shot up a playground, who murdered someone, who raped someone, etc. and there is no public outrage.  Imagine living somewhere and the community refuses to march in protest and demand the criminals be given over to the authorities.  Imagine living somewhere and the community refuses to hold candlelight visuals and cry in the streets in front of known crack houses and street hangouts where criminals congregate.

Throughout urban America the above senario plays almost daily sadly without voices of righteous indignation.  Throughout urban America criminals have concluded that as long as they confine their criminal behaviors upon others within the urban grid they are safe from community protest and accountability.  Throughout urban America is the unwritten message becoming one that says as long as crime is committed by those who look like us we are not bothered?  Throughout urban America is the unwritten message becoming one that says as long as our children are in fear of those who terrorize, demoralize, show self hate, show no respect for others in our community look like us we are not bothered?

Healthy Boundaries Prevent Emotional Abuse

Clinically the term emeshement refers to a family that has little to no boundaries defining acceptable and unacceptable behaviors, actions and attitudes.  Inside an emeshed family system, each individual has a designated dysfunctional role.  Within an emeshed family, dysfunction is tolerated within the immediate family but if similar behaviors, actions and attitudes manifests from any outside source the emeshed family rallies together and fight as one unit against any resembling acts coming from outside the family.  After the emeshed dysfunctional family successfully or unsuccessfully fights against outsiders they return to their regular practice of being dysfunctional toward each other.  Until dysfunctional communities address themselves internally, any efforts by outsiders will possibly be viewed as an attack.  If in fact there is such a thing as a dysfunctional community, how should the community begin addressing itself internally?


White on Black Violence Is Wrong: But What About Black on Black Violence?
August 20, 2014

Aug 10, 2014 · A toddler in Prince George’s County dies in a shooting. Now police are looking for the suspect.

July 31, 2014 – Prince George’s County police are looking for at least two suspects in the fatal shooting of a Bowie, Md., man who was gunned down in his home early Thursday morning, authorities said.

February 24, 2014 – CAPITOL HEIGHTS, Md. —Prince George’s County police are investigating what they called one of the worst crimes they’ve seen in years.
Officials said three people were shot to death inside an apartment in the 5200 block of Marlboro Pike in Capitol Heights on Saturday night.

The three opening lines in each of the stories above took place in the wealthiest per capita African American County in the United States of America.  There seem to be something missing from the Maryland stories that is highly visible in the Ferguson, Missouri current events.  Without challenging readers to figure this one out, let me be direct and just tell you what I think is the difference.  There is no public outcry about any of the murders in Maryland beyond close family and close friends, although each happened in a “black” community that is policed by a large white police presence that I believe is in  disproportion to the population.  The lack of public outcry has nothing to do with the police department but that the “black” community does not get as angry about “blacks” killing blacks as the community does when a “black” is beat or killed by a white police officer or just a white person. 

Until the African American community is willing to take the same responsibility for the safety and accountability of those who shoot, steal, abuse and disrespect its neighborhoods as when “violated” by whites, neighborhoods will not be esteemed highly by anyone, not even the police.  Where is the coming together of communities when a black murders one of its own children, rape one of its own daughters, steal from one of its own neighbors or God forbid when they murder one of its own black people?  Why don’t we demand that information be released by the “don’t snitch club”?  Why don’t we demand that addresses and names be confidentially given at least to black officials such as a black news person, or a black public official or a black merchant or someone in authority? 

How in the name of common sense can a community be taken serious when through its internal failure to hold citizens accountable, suddenly a community expects the judicial system to drop everything and jump through hoops when a white harms a black man, woman, boy or girl in the community.  Someone said, “respect comes to those who respect themselves”.  The crisis in Ferguson, Missouri exploded due to the shooting of the 18 year old black man, but remember what quality of life was accepted as a part of the “don’t snitch code” prior to the crisis. 

Are you an enabler of chaos in your community?  Enablers are simply those who support by direct or indirect means the acts or attitudes that are contrary to a safe society.  There is not a pastor, politician, civic group available designed to stop community chaos.  Behavioral change begins in the heart of people one person at a time.  Communities will only change in proportion to how the attitudes and self worth of those inside the community change.  Whether it is Ferguson, Missouri, Prince George’s County, Maryland or your community, the things manifested inside a community are an outpouring of accepted expectations in the community.