Charleston….Where It Began, Where It Ends?
July 10, 2015

The Country over 150 years ago looked like this:

Civil War map shows line for Union and Confederate States + Fort Sumter

The first shots of the Civil War were actually fired in Charleston, South Carolina.  On December 20, 1860 South Carolina became the first state to secede from The United States of America based upon its adamant defense of slavery and it’s insistence upon “states rights” to rule itself which translates into making it’s own rules in all matters regardless of how such rules would impact the life of others.  Read for yourself what the South Carolina Assembly wrote for their justification to secede:

“We affirm that these ends for which this Government was instituted have been defeated, and the Government itself has been made destructive of them by the action of the non-slaveholding States. Those States have assume the right of deciding upon the propriety of our domestic institutions; and have denied the right of property established in fifteen of the States and recognized by the Constitution; they have denounced as sinful the institution of slavery; they have permitted open establishment among them of societies, whose avowed object is to disturb the peace and to eloign the property of the citizens of other States. They have encouraged and assisted thousands of our slaves to leave their homes; and those who remain, have been incited by emissaries, books and pictures to servile insurrection.”

As early as 1861 The Citadel Military Academy ordered cadets to fire the first shots of the Civil War on a Federal ship attempting to enter the harbor in Charleston.  Ironically it is the Citadel that to this day, July 10, 2015, continues to fly the Confederate flag in South Carolina.  The Citadel had a history of training those recruited militia individuals who were fighting against The United States of America.

The American Civil War (1861–1865), among other names also known as the War Between the States, was a civil war in the United States of America. Eleven Southern slave states declared their secession from the United States and formed the Confederate States of America, also known as “the Confederacy”.  This new “Confederacy” led by Jefferson Davis also had it’s own flag….The Confederate Flag.  Those Southern States were see as traitors against the United States of America.  

The Civil War remains the deadliest war in American history, resulting in the deaths of 620,000 soldiers and an undetermined number of civilian casualties. Ten percent of all Northern males 20–45 years of age died, as did 30 percent of all Southern white males aged 18–40. Victory for the North meant the end of the Confederacy and of slavery in the United States, and strengthened the role of the federal government. 

It becomes clearer why even today so many Southern States are opposed to the role of the Federal Government.  The Federal Government now as was during the period of The Civil War seen as “The Federal Union” which was against the rights of South Carolina and Southern States who advocated slavery and state rights.  These Southern States had a deeply held financial and self serving agenda for wanting to have a Confederacy:

As of 1860 the percentage of Southern families that owned slaves has been estimated to be 43 percent in the lower South, 36 percent in the upper South and 22 percent in the border states that fought mostly for the Union. Half the owners had one to four slaves. A total of 8000 planters owned 50 or more slaves in 1850 and only 1800 planters owned 100 or more; of the latter, 85% lived in the lower South, as opposed to one percent in the border states.

Ninety-five percent of African-Americans lived in the South, comprising one third of the population there as opposed to one percent of the population of the North, chiefly in larger cities like New York and Philadelphia. Consequently, fears of eventual emancipation were much greater in the South than in the North.

The Confederate Flag in the eyes of individuals who know the history of Slavery, States Rights and why Southern States seceded from The United States of America is a clear sign of ongoing rebellion against the government of The United States of America.  The bigger message communicated by the Confederate flag is it’s image of an ongoing rebellion and protest against The United States Federal Government for its role in abolishing the enterprise system set up by the Southern States to maintain a financial system funded upon the product of crops, slave trade, and formation of a political and religious system deemed right in their own sight.

Alexander G. Downing enlisted in the Eleventh Iowa Infantry on August ...

All American citizens should rejoice together that what was the symbol for “rebellion”, “treason”, “disregard for fairness”, “disregard for godliness”, “disregard for remorse” and “disregard for one nation united as one” has finally been removed from the public view in South Carolina.  The paramount next step is much more challenging.  How do you remove those things held within the hearts of people that may still be inside of them?  The external flag was a manifestation of the internal heart of those who over 150 years later desired that it not be removed.

USA Flag Flying

“Don’t you understand yet?” Jesus asked, “Anything you eat passes through the stomach and then goes into the sewer.  But the words you speak come from the heart – that’s what defiles you.  For from the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, all sexual immorality, theft, lying, and slander.  Matthew 15:16-20



Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church Shooting Impacts All Of Us
June 18, 2015

Almost 40 years ago I began preaching the gospel of Christ.   What happened last night in Charleston, South Carolina at the Emanuel AME Church touched me dearly.  Weekly, preachers, pastors, bishops, ministers, elders hearts are made glad to see individuals assemble midweek after a long day at work, challenges with health and so many other day to day matters.  My heart dropped as I prepared for bed at 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday night following a great day serving God.  I had an excellent evening of fellowship at our 6:00 p.m. church meal, being blessed by a wonderful 7:30 p.m. study on the topic “Masters and Servants” only to arrive home and on the 10:00 p.m. news to hear about a church being targeted as the sight of a mass hate murder.

The Emanuel AME Church is considered the mother church of the AME churches in America.  It was reported that 9 of the 13 people assembled to pray and study the Word of God and encourage each other was killed by an individual who entered as a wolf among sheep.  The gunman, just like a wolf among sheep,  had no regard for anyone or anything except their own self serving desires.

The common ground for every place of assembly in the United States is not what the religious positions were of those inside the Emanuel AME Church, but rather the fact that it was a place of assembly for those who believed in the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.  The common ground is the embrace of Jesus as the one Lord of the Christian community and for that purpose were they assembled on last night together.  If this could happen to Emanuel AME, it could also happen in any place of worship in the United States.  It’s my prayer today that collectively we can all rally around the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston in support of God, Christ the Holy Spirit and the desire they had to learn more about God’s will for their lives.

Every person in the entire world who embraces the deity of Christ and the Sovereignty of God should grieve and embrace and support the Emanuel AME Church in Charleston in time of their grief.  Rejoice with them who rejoice and weep with those who weep. Romans 12:15

21st Century – Evil Is Called Good and Good Is Called Evil
February 13, 2014

In 2014 honor and value is being bestowed more and more upon individuals who appear to meet criteria that is in direct contradiction to what this country supposedly was founded upon.  Religious freedom without persecution was a major plank in the platform of America.  Today it is almost a crime for Christians to believe what Christians believed less than 400 years ago even in America.  I will talk about a few beliefs religiously that are frowned upon today and I will talk about a few beliefs religiously that some continue to try embracing which should be let go.

1.  In the 21st century Christians who hold to the belief that God is the creator are seen as being out of touch with “world religion”.

2.  In the 21st century Christians who disagree with same sex marriage are labeled as having some type phobia.

3.  In the 21st century Christians who believe that sex (intercourse) is restricted to the marriage bed are seen as living in an outdated and unrealistic dream world.

4.  In the 21st century Christians who believe that blacks and whites should be embraced in equality are seen as trying to create one nation under God that is undivided and offers justice for all.  Ironically that is exactly what we hold claim to in our nations Pledge of Allegiance.

5.  In the 21st century Christians who oppose the idea that only those with “wealth” have a rights are seen as supporting “a welfare nation”.  Welfare by any other name such as “bailouts”, “subsidy”, “grants”, “pork barrel”, “golden parachute”, “incentives”, etc. according to the wealthy is never to be defined as “a welfare nation”.

6.  In the 21st century Christians who oppose celebrity status to public officials, entertainers, business executives who get special positive recognition for ungodly, unethical, and immoral behavior are blackballed and made a public example to create fear in others,  as if to say the same will happen to you if you as a Christian speak out against us.

Jesus made a declaration over 2000 years ago that is as true now as it was when he made it.  “A house divided against itself will not stand”.  What does that declaration mean you might ask?  A home, a nation, an institution that fights its own purpose for existing will fall.  The tragic conclusion to the father of Christianities  over 2000 year old declaration is that the fall comes from self inflicted wounds by the people within not the nations outside.



Phil Robertson…..Racist?
December 19, 2013

Racist according to Merriam Webster Dictionary is the belief of a person that one race should control all other races.  Racism according to Oxford Dictionary lays out the theory behind racism as prejudice, discrimination or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

Phil Robertson, Duck Commander

Sullaway and Dunbar utilized a prejudice rating scale to see if there was a correlation between extremely prejudice individuals and indicators of psychopathology.  Sullaway and Dunbar used the DSM’s Delusional Disorder Scale subtype for prejudice type.  Alvin F. Poussaint in the January 2002, Volume 176 of The Western Journal of Medicine notes that individuals who scored on the extreme side of the prejudice scale may exhibit less acceptable behaviors and fears and project the same onto others as a way to scapegoat their own problems.

Prejudice type: A delusion whose theme is that a group of individuals, who share a defining characteristic, in one’s environment have a particular and unusual significance. These delusions are usually of a negative or pejorative nature, but also may be grandiose in content. When these delusions are extreme, the person may act out by attempting to harm, and even murder, members of the despised group(s).

The sad conclusion if the above information is correct indicates that the true racist and the true practice of racism is more displayed in individuals who are so quick to accuse others of being phobic, hateful, antagonistic and in conflict with Christian values.  Isaiah 5:20 Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil, that put darkness for light and light for darkness, that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.  Another question that must be dealt with is the role of Scripture in today’s world.  What response do one have to the letter written to Christians in Rome and the text of Romans 1:18 – 32.  Just because a person choose to state what is written in the Bible does not make them phobic or a hater or one who treats others without Godly love.  

Mr. Robertson said nothing that I could read in the published articles that stated he hated others.  The “others” appear to feel entitled to say very direct things about Mr. Robertson even trying to negatively impact his character, faith, finances, ethics and whatever else that could be demeaning to him.  On the other hand, Mr. Robertson confined his comments exclusively to the one topic of sin.  Interesting, he continually stated “that’s just me”.   Mr. Robertson decided to choose to state what his values and convictions are and is being severely called out for doing so.  I wonder what our country would be like if some of the same individuals who so quickly cried out on this subject would with the same voice cry out against the lack of high levels of education in poor communities, the lack of equal pay for equal work between all men and women regardless of race, religion or sexual preference.  I wonder what our country would be like if some of these same individuals would with one voice cry out against drugs, crime, murder, the lack of jobs, the prisons being populated with so many young African American males who should be getting an education instead of 5 to 10 years in prison?

Final question, who appears to display more hate, more anger, more non Christian attitude in the things said?  Was it Mr. Robertson or those who responded to what he said?